Membership of the Sussex Chapter continues to grow organically with some 26 Members and Cornerstones now on-board. Congratulations to Cornerstone Liam Currie who, in August, obtained his full licence and becomes a full member of the Widows Sons MBA Sussex Chapter. Even more recently, Sam White was initiated in Templar Aquila Lodge 9450 on Tuesday 25th October, the following Friday he passed his full test and became a

Cornerstone and when he completes his 3rd Degree will become a Master Mason and a Widow’s Son.

The Sussex Chapter is now busy making plans for its annual Toy Run to distribute toys and vouchers to local hospitals, hospices and other children charities. Large collection bins are already in place in Masonic Centres across the Sussex Province. Plans for the first rideout of the New Year are already in hand with a January visit to the Sammy Miller Museum in New Milton, Hampshire.

Chapter Officers

Dan McLusky, President

Adam Ketley, Treasurer

Richie Bull, Sergeant at Arms

Jon Sewell, Co-ordinator/Knocker-Upper

Josh Crutchfield, Charity Steward

Andy Brown, Merchandise Officer

Karl Hopper-Young Secretary

Jonny Morgan, Assistant Treasurer

John Button, Chaplain and Assistant Secretary

Simon Rideout, Vice President and Road Captain

Andy Dalziel, Almoner